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Ahhh… foreboding stuff. And no, I am not talking about anyone named Scarlett. She’s OK. Let me back up just a tad. There is a reason that many things in our lives are painted the color “red”. Since our brain and eyeballs are instantly drawn toward the color “red”, many things are naturally woven from red cloth or are painted a bright red. Now think of it for a second… Little Mauve┬áRiding Hood just doesn’t have the same zing to it… most fire hydrants are red… most lipsticks are reddish … stop signs are universally red… fire extinguishers are red… the most popular color for a hot sports car?… red! I could go on but I am sure you get the idea. Red draws attention. Which sometimes makes it a difficult thing to deal with in a photograph. I used to make television commercials… and one thing I always tried to avoid was… a “video vampire”. Something in the scene that would draw your attention away from what I wanted the audience to focus on. The same goes for the color red. Here is an example of that.

IMG_5258 copy

The action that I wanted to show is the pointed finger and eyes and the silver balls. Well… unfortunately… most people’s eyes go for the red sweater instead. Oh well. Now of course you can’t rush in and change things so it is what it is.

Let’s look at a few photos where the subject is in red… now you have two things going for you… if you compose correctly. I say composed “correctly” meaning… let’s go with the classic composition… The Rule of Thirds… so if you have placed your subject 1/3rd up or down and 1/3rd left or right of the center… bodda boom bodda bing… and the subject just happens to be red… well… you just can’t go wrong!!! Here are a few examples.


IMG_2392 copy



And here are a couple more I thought you might enjoy.



And of course sometimes when the entire scene is red… well… it is either overwhelming or tasty… you be the judge.



Now I know you couldn’t tell… but the strawberries were shot in Provence, France in a really freaky weather day at one of their wonderful outdoor markets. And below┬áis a little composition saluting the colors of the French flag. Tasty!


Here are a couple more from France… I don’t know why but there seems to be a bunch of red=colored photos from France in my archives.



And here is the last one before the New Year. I love this. And what they are attached to.


Happy New Year!!!! And happy trails.




2 thoughts on “BEWARE OF THE LURE OF RED!

  1. Hi Gene,

    Glad to know (through Nadine D.) that you are alive and well. Your photography is amazing. I’m a fan.
    Been hanging out in Traverse City for 35 years now, enjoying retired life, wife, three married kids, six grandkids and various community involvements . Life is good. Best wishes for the new year.

    • Tom!
      So nice to hear from you! And thanks so much for being a fan! I love Traverse City…. but the woman who loves it more is my daughter… Ashlea Walter… she’s been there for a few years now… and yep… community involvement is her middle name.
      Any who… when Nadine first brought up your name I said… “Of course… the great dancer … wasn’t he going into the priesthood?” Things do change… but I am sure your dancing prowess has not.
      Enjoy the photos and hopefully next year we will be up there.

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