About us

We are Gene and Fame Turner. And oh yes… Scooter…aka The Doot… Dooter… The Scooter Toot Tooter and a few other ones depending upon what he is doing at that second.
They say he is “Too cute to be just one dog..” We’ll see.
But I digress. This part is about us.
After spending three decades in the “Ad Biz”, I ( Gene ) seriously returned to one of my original loves… photography and continued to travel around this blue marble teaching others how to take their passion for photography to a much higher level.
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And after spending almost the same amount of time in the same biz, Fame chucked it all and went back to school… well… actually… The “Le Cordon Bleu” Culinary School and walked out of there with enough cooking finesse to put her at the top of her class.
IMG_0225 copy
So… what made us shrink our habitat and go for the big outdoors out our small front door? It is simple. After traveling nearly a million miles around the earth in a flying aluminum machine, we knew we wanted to see America from the ground instead of from 30,000 feet. Voila. We, as most do, sold, gave-away or stored our years of collecting stuff and bought ourselves two things. First the truck… commonly known as Lewis. A beast of a boy. And then after months of searching… we found and bought and towed home… Clark. A 25 foot Safari Airstream. He’s a beaut.
Now about our travels and blogging. If you enjoy reading about full-timers and what they do every second and how many times they have to dump their tanks or how
their visit with Aunt Millie went… that ain’t us.
But… if you want to learn how to elevate your photography dramatically or how to create a gourmet “farm to table” nutricious meal on a three burner stove in a tiny kitchen…you have come to the right place.
Escape with us.
One photographer. One chef. One adventure after another.

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  1. Hi,
    I do not face or tweet so have to leave comment here. I like what you two did to the place. Especially, the fabric for the sofa. Bought the same thing ( can’t remember what family member) only different color.

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